economic development

Since 1974 MCC Bangladesh has developed business enterprises for disadvantaged people, especially women, through a business incubation model. Over this time, MCC created approximately 30 enterprises, worked with 50 different local handicraft groups, promoting fair trade principles, especially sustainable, dignified employment and fair wages for vulnerable rural women.

We now operate in a consultative/partnering model where we work alongside local organisations and the private sector (including MCC established businesses). Our aim is to support the development of sustainable, socially-responsible enterprises in a healthy market system that can generate employment, particularly of the rural poor and vulnerable.

We also focus on market development, helping create a more trustworthy and sustainable value chain through healthy linkages between various actors, that seeks improvements for all in the chain. We aim to work for the benefit of the poor, integrating them into these market systems so that they can receive a fair income. Trust is a fundamental enabler in value chains, and therefore a key component is our integration of peace work in order to enhance social capital, particularly through strong relationships.