Education and lifelong learning

MCC is working with communities to help ensure access to appropriate, high quality education for all children and young adults with a special emphasis on the indigenous population. This includes supporting nonformal methods to help children stay in school (such as mother language preschools) as well as ways to help them make better use of the education, such as homework clubs, youth clubs, and access to tutoring.

We endeavour to work with educators and schools where possible to identify better methods of providing education or training as an alternative to the traditional didactic methods. Our efforts are concentrated on non-formal education opportunities as a complement to existing formal opportunities. We utilise available funding from the MCC Global Family program to meet these objectives. We will also support vocational training opportunities for young people who would otherwise not have the opportunity to pursue additional training.

Supplying material resources

For forty years MCC has supplied material resources (such as blankets, medicines, school kits, etc.) to meet physical needs across Bangladesh. While recognising the danger of focusing on material aspects of poverty, we continue to utilise material resources in support of our community development activities where these are helpful for institutional or community support. However, we work to make partners find more sustainable ways of meeting these needs.