Community Health

Our primary focus is to build awareness on social health issues that affect the communities where we work. This includes a continuation of awareness work to ensure that HIV/AIDS remains a minimal problem in Bangladesh due to increased understanding of the means of transmission and treatment. As appropriate, we include education on other sexually-transmitted diseases, primarily targeting adolescents, and also include a broader emphasis on women’s health needs. We will also include a broader emphasis on women’s health needs, general hygiene and sanitation concerns, and nutrition. With alcohol and drug abuse becoming bigger issues in Bangladesh, we will explore possible ways to raise awareness on these issues.


Pobitra is a training program for socially destitute women, mostly floating sex workers. We provide training for emotional healing and literacy and awareness sessions to increase the basic knowledge of the women. Besides this the women receive job skills trainings to help them look for alternative jobs after the Pobitra training period.

We follow up after this training period to help the women deal with the new work place and other issues such as family. We support the women to live with their families and send their children to school through ‘Family and community awareness’.