The people of Bangladesh are everyday striving for a more peaceful life. Despite an increase in violence across religious and political divisions, as well as conflict within extended families and communities, there is a strong desire among the people to see positive change.

In the last decade MCCB has developed a number of local trainings and peace-related projects to help guide this change towards a more deeply-rooted, long lasting peace. These activities draw from the rich local knowledge, poetry, wisdom and cultural traditions of the peoples in Bangladesh, as well as education received by peace building institutions outside of the country. The work strives to be preventative, curative and sustainable, so that the values of peace become embedded in society.

As a peace building organisation, MCCB seeks to integrate peace awareness and skills into all of its program areas and staff trainings, which then contributes to the sustainability of its development programs. In addition, MCCB has developed a dedicated peacebuilding program specifically for building local capacity to address conflict and violence. The approach is to enable key stakeholders that have the power to make change, while at the same time reaching as many people as possible. Some of the “Learning Session” modules that have been developed include: Conflict Transformation, Peaceful Family Relationships, Peace Education and Values and Relationships.  Building on these trainings, MCCB initiated Payra: promoting peace in Bangladesh through education and research.

Payra: promoting peace in Bangladesh through education and research