Our eight values fit around two core global MCC values.

Peace and Justice

  • Non-violence; we seek to promote change through mutual help and reconciliation, and believe the use of force of any type is not effective for social transformation.
  • Reconciliation; we see confession and forgiveness as essential in order to establish right relationships.
  • Justice; we seek justice, and strive to identify and challenge the unfairness in the social-political-economic system, supporting the powerless.

Just Relationships

  • Compassion; we care about people, and empathize with all, especially the vulnerable and suffering.
  • Respect; we believe in the dignity of every individual; and therefore respect each other, striving for participation of people affected by decisions and actions.
  • Integrity; we stand for honesty and transparency, being accountable and open in our interactions and in management of financial, personnel and other resources.
  • Teamwork; both internally and with others, we strive to work together in mutually supportive ways.
  • Simplicity; we seek simple, unostentatious ways of living and working, not seeking primarily our own well-being, but striving to benefit others.